Generous in spirit, rich in craft, and utterly lacking in pretense.
We dedicate ourselves to making our clients’ dreams a reality by building a foundation of authenticity, trust, and imagination. We’re partners in creating powerful experiences, both on and offline.
Our Team
Jordan Kinne
Co-Founder & Executive Producer
Ed Senf
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Megan Day
Grace Kinne
MaryRose Curry
Chris Henning
Production Manager
Chiara Fiori
Art Director
Bit Klecker
Art Director
Connor Holmes
Abi Weaver
Motion Designer
Sarah Morini
Monica Nazario
Stephanie Treviso
Veronica Fuentez
Global Head of Vibes
Our Craft
Retail / Events / Brand Pop-Ups / Tradeshows
Video / Editorial / Social / Copywriting
Taking a holistic approach to create truly immersive destinations—ones that entice, invoke, and make you want to stay a while.
Using deep audience insight to create authentic stories, delightfully told—no matter the channel.
Brand Identity
Creative Strategy / Branding / Logo Development / Graphic Design
Web / Social / Interactive / 3D
Harnessing craft and ingenuity to infuse your brand with a spirit to keep it resonant, relevant, and growing.
Rendering immersive and effective experiences to inspire, while growing the spectrum of what can be appreciated in the world we live in.
Our Values
Listen Better
Spirit of Hospitality
Not simply waiting to speak, we actively listen to those who are speaking. With both spoken and body language, we seek to understand everything.
We care deeply about providing our clients, partners, and colleagues with a stellar experience. We embrace an abundant mindset and strive for generosity in what we do and how we do it.
Respect The Craft
Make Meaningful Things
We employ experts to bring innovation, experience, and passion to the work. We do it right, moving with a practiced agility to deliver at the highest level.
We’re geared towards creation. We don’t wait for the “right brief”. We use our love to produce ideas that add real value to our client’s business, so we can change the world together.