Museum of Advice
Creative Theory
Experiential Design
Interactive Development
For ADCOLOR 2023, Inkling was hired by Creative Theory to design Google’s Museum of Advice. We designed a showpiece experience that offered attendees a dedicated space to both offer and receive professional guidance from their community.

Inspired by the ability to participate in the sharing of advice, we developed a custom tablet app that helped attendees ideate advice from Bard prompts, and write them on cards to display on the collective wall of advice gallery.
Inkling led the design, rendering and fabrication of the activation. Anchored around a space to give and receive advice, attendees used a custom tablet app to ideate and contribute to the museum.
To help encourage visitors to engage with the advice cards, we created a custom interactive app that featured prompts and recommendations from Google Bard. This broke down creative barriers to inspire and open up channels for sharing.