To the Extraordinary
Video Production
Bechtel has been instrumental in constructing the modern world—completing projects such as the Hoover Dam, the safety enclosure atop Chernobyl's failing power plant, and providing reliable energy and infrastructure to communities worldwide.

For their 125th anniversary, Bechtel refreshed their vision statement to “Extraordinary teams building inspiring projects.” To tell the story, Inkling created a global film to highlight Bechtel employees’ unwavering commitment to the company’s vision and values.
Working with director Cat Reynolds, Inkling produced and filmed a long-format brand film showcasing seven Bechtel employees from around the world. The film serves as a rallying cry for extraordinary teams collaborating across disciplines, projects, and environments, and was shown at their livestreamed anniversary celebration. The video continues to be shared on their social channels, internal company events, and the marketing campaign promoting "Bechtel's Next 125."
Additionally, Inkling filmed interviews with employees from job sites around the globe, creating a scripted brand video to celebrate their new vision statement.
Global Video Shoot
Showcasing Bechtel employees from around the world, we flew crews to each site, meeting the employees at their workplaces, be it an office building in Houston, a mine in Chile, canal restoration in India, or a desert project in Saudi Arabia.

The crews followed each employee through a day in their life at Bechtel, showcasing their unique work styles, the challenging environments in which they execute projects, and their unwavering commitment to the company's values. This inspirational video highlights the diversity of cultures, projects, and languages that make up Bechtel.
Campaign Assets
As part of Bechtel's 125th Anniversary celebrations, still images and video components we’re leveraged to create campaign assets across social platforms -  highlighting the diversity of cultures, projects, and languages that make up Bechtel.