Busch Light Bush Lights
Martin Agency
Experiential Design
Brand Merchandise
Influencer Marketing
“Nothing is more beautiful to Busch Light fans than draping electric glowing cans of their favorite beer across their front yards to decorate during the holidays.” To celebrate their fandom, Busch Light ran a sweepstakes encouraging fans to write letters to Saint Louis Anheuser-Busch Brewery explaining why they would like a set of Busch Light Bush Lights holiday string lights. The sweepstakes ran nationally and brought in submissions from eager fans on social and physical mail.
Inkling was hired by Martin Agency to design and produce the string lights, with custom molded and produced beer-can shapes lights - mimicking the Busch Light cans. The string lights we’re packaged in branded boxes akin to a case of beer cans and shipped to surprised fans around the United States. Inkling handles all design, production, brand merchandise and fulfillment.
Busch Ligh Sweepstakes
Running nationally, the sweepstakes was promoted on social media platforms, local media and encouraged fans to physically write and mail letters to St. Louis or use the hashtag to enter for a chance to win the custom holiday bush lights.