District 4
Web Design
Web Development
District 4 Labs is a new cutting-edge data business dedicated to building the open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and technologies of tomorrow. Their flagship product, DARKSIDE, is one of the world’s largest repositories of compromised records and other person of interest data.
Inkling was hired to define and refresh the brand and it’s ready-for-market product. Inkling designed and developed a new marketing website with an animated explainer video showcasing how the Darkside product works. The new brand identity for District 4 reflects the connection points from the data sourcing the company specializes in.
Explainer Video
To break the new Darkside product down into a concise explanation, we scripted, produced, and animated a custom explainer video for marketing and new customer acquisition. The art direction and custom visuals materialize a system typically considered intangible. The Darkside product brand extends the parent brand color palette and infuses a moon to represent the metaphor for the brand.