Google: Image Equity Fellows Showcase
Creative Theory
Event Production
Experiential Design
Through Fire and Thunder - A Group Exhibition. As an extension of Google’s company-wide Image Equity efforts, Creative Theory developed and managed a Fellowship program supporting the next generation of artists of color while shining a light on the pressing issues facing these communities.

Culminating the year-long fellowship, Google hosted a weekend-long group exhibition at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY. Gathered from around the country, the artists shared and explored urgent, untold stories of their communities through the lenses of identity, belonging, movement and memory, coming of age and home.
Inkling was hired by Creative Theory Agency to lead the gallery design, manage all of the event production, develop branding for the event, signage and event collateral and fabrication of the art displays. As a final output from the exhibition, Inkling also designed a magazine featuring each of the fellows and their artwork for VIPs and each of the fellows to have as a keepsake.
Exhibitions & Programming
By gathering the fellows and the community together, we not only helped showcase their artwork with each other but created a space for sharing meaningful stories and connections.
Exhibition Branding
After the year’s long fellowship, the group exhibition deserved a moment of celebration of both the fellows but also their art and stories. The branding echoed this belonging, culminating in a takeaway magazine for each fellow to keep as collective group.