KCRW Rebrand
Brand Identity
Event Design
Creative Direction
KCRW is LA’s iconic public radio station, but its brand design didn’t feel representative of its incredibly diverse audience. Inkling was brought on by agency work x work to rebrand KCRW to better reflect the badge of honor that is LA’s ever-changing landscape.
Even though it’s been around for 75 years, KCRW’s look should feel as new and timeless as ever, in a way that truly feels LA, hyperlocal and inclusive of everyone listening in. Audiences shouldn’t just feel represented, they should want to represent KCRW. Inkling and work x work saw the opportunity to do this through the lens of KCRW’s core campaign idea, “Always On LA”. With design work that spanned a 360 degree launch campaign, collateral, wild postings, and merchandise, the rebrand set the radio station to continue its rightful place as a celebration and reflection of local culture.
Inkling also helped to curate the photography direction by offering insight into our suggested and preferred vision for the new KCRW brand look—a vibrant portrayal of LA and all of its eccentric citizens. This shoot included photographing DJ talent, members across the city and the southern California landscape itself.