Keep Company
Creative Direction
Web Design
Keep Company partners with organizations to give their moms, dads and caregivers tools to integrate the care of themselves, their families, and their work through group coaching. Rooted in the science of behavior change, their curriculum gives members the agency to cultivate fulfillment across all dimensions of life.
Inkling was brought on by Cider to launch the new brand by crafting employer-facing messaging while creating a rich and dynamic website to tell the brand’s story in a simple and compelling way at every turn.

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Inspired by the collective nature of the product itself, we organized the website content into storytelling components—constantly reinforcing the brand values.
Photo Direction
Inspired by the clarifying, detoxifying, and regenerative power of the sun, Keep Company envisioned a brand world dappled with light and sustainably illuminated. When selecting brand photography, we were inspired by the idea of powering an enlightened world via driving personal, organizational, and systemic change.