On Air Fest
work x work
Creative Direction
Since 2017, On Air Fest has evolved into a premier audio event based out of Brooklyn, NY. In its 6th year, our partners at work x work needed its tone to match up with its constantly evolving style, audience, and programming.
How do you build more brand equity and unexpected programming for an industry-expert audience with already-high expectations? Inkling was tasked with refreshing the tone of the brand as well as creating all of the assets for the festival itself–including digital and physical items–that felt true to the fan base, the listeners, and the podcast professionals that were in attendance to get nerdy about all things sounds-related.
On Air Fest is advancing the world of culture and audio. Founded by storytelling & branding agency work x work, the festival brings together an expansive range of emerging and established voices to explore the creative possibilities of sound.
As part of the event branding, we created show art with analog sound patterns recorded on a vintage tube television. That footage became an integral part of the design library.