Culture Trends Report
SXM Media
Web Design
Full-stack Development
Campaign Assets
The Culture Trends Report is a new kind of industry report that proves how audio is driving culture. Curated by SXM Media and Fluency, four expert ambassadors share what consumers care about and how to reach them by taking a deep dive into the listener’s mindset and providing advertising tips on reaching podcasts’ prime audiences.
Inkling was hired by agency work x work, to craft the creative direction for the report, handle the UX and web design, and provide full stack development of the interactive report. In addition, Inkling produced interviews with the expert ambassadors, shooting original content for each section of the report. Lastly, Inkling designed and produced the assets for the multi-media launch campaign across social platforms.
Responsive Design
Understanding that content is often consumed on the go, we designed the interactive site to smoothly flex to portrait mobile devices -- keeping content immersion front and center, as viewers browsed the report.
PDF Report
As a takeaway from the website, we designed a truncated PDF that captured the art direction without interactivity, and could be shared with viewers, colleagues and advertisers.
As an evolution from 2022’s Podcast Trends Report, Inkling captured original interview content of each ambassador at our studio in NYC.