Women In Crypto
Christoff & Co.
Event Design
Digital Production
Creative Direction
Christoff & Co and Boys Club wanted to host a no-bro-zone for the crypto curious and the crypto serious. They wanted to provide a space that bridged the gap between networking, speaker panel, and championing gender representation in tech.
To support this first event for Christoff & Co, Inkling led the event design, logistics, and created exciting swag for attendees. Every detail was chosen to foster much-appreciated community in a male-dominated industry, finding the sweet spot of excitement, engagement, and transparency for a gender-inclusive event that women would actually want to join.
Bright colors and relatable brand merch helped to reinforce the educational nature of the event.
Anchored by an all-star lineup of crypto superstars ready and willing to answer any question, the event welcome anyone who wanted to learn more about crypto.
While the rise of cryptocurrency has broken down barriers in finance, the industry itself is still lagging behind in terms of gender representation, which is why the crypto and web3 experts sharing tech and financial literacy for D.C. Women in Tech offered a special moment. We wanted to ensure that every detail of the event felt welcoming and innovative in a way that could leave attendees feeling excited about the prospect of breaking down more barriers as women in crypto.